Photo-journal: We're back to do Chatsworth

Photo-journal: We're back to do Chatsworth

We spent a good six hours at Chatsworth, most of that in the gardens - it's a fantastic place - and we didn't see everything either! The house is also good and we managed to pull ourselves away from the gardens to make it in just before the last entry slot; this turned out to be a good move as it was relatively empty inside.

When we visited there were a couple of exhibitions on; in the garden Michael Craig-Martin's bold outlines of everyday items were fun and in the pictures below you'll see the blue scissors outside one of the greenhouses.

In the house there's a fabulous exhibition - called Chatsworth in Wartime - commemorating 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War and 75 years since the outbreak of the Second World War, which included stories of people at Chatsworth during these times. It also tells of how Chatsworth adapted to house the Penrhos girls school, who were evacuated here from Wales and the State Drawing room is once again a dormitory. The exhibition is expertly done and in places incredibly poignant - do go if you're in the area.

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