Photo-journal: Blackheath Open Gardens

Photo-journal: Blackheath Open Gardens

Last weekend there was an Open Gardens Festival weekend raising money for the Greenwich & Bexley community hospice. I was lucky enough to get to visit two of the gardens, both of which were happy for their gardens to be photographed.

The gardens were in the same road and it was interesting to see the different treatment of the two gardens and to see many of the same plants we have in our garden too. Both gardens sloped upwards, which no doubt brings its own challenges and all of the Gardeners were more than happy to stop and chat and name plants, after all if you were showing your garden you'd want to do that too, wouldn't you?

The first garden retained a central area for lawn with planting rising toward the rear of the garden where there was a terrace and a bed of yew bushes, underneath which is a large air raid shelter.

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