Photo-journal: Beeley to Bakewell by foot (but back by bus!)

Photo-journal: Beeley to Bakewell by foot (but back by bus!)

Over that cheese scone the other day MOH mooted the idea of walking to Bakewell. My immediate thought was it was too far, but looking at the map it didn't look to be that much further than walking from Beeley to Pilsley and back. So agreeing to walk there, I started negotiations to get the bus back. With that agreed, it was set we would walk into Bakewell on market day. Not only was it dry, it was warmer than we expected too, which was nice and as a result we're both sporting a sun-kissed glow!

We headed out across the field, the one with the sheep and cows, luckily the cows were down by the river (as the farmer predicted) and didn't spot us (or even if they did we were too quick for them) so we were able to walk across the field without any drama. Phew.

Instead of heading into Chatsworth Park we turned left towards the Chatsworth garden centre (they really do have everything covered) and up over the hills towards Bakewell. There were of course, more sheep. And hills. And we were heading up them. I had a few strategic photo stops along the way...

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