Photo-journal: Beeley, Chatsworth Park and Pilsley

Photo-journal: Beeley, Chatsworth Park and Pilsley

It was agreed the night before, over steak and ale pie and a humongous burger. We'd driven to Pilsley and decided we'd walk back the next day to visit the farm shop. After the huge dinner we'd eaten, which we topped off with Bakewell pudding and custard and a lemon and lime cheesecake it seemed only right that some activity was needed.

...But not until the next day.

Setting out we clearly had different expectations for the trip. Me, I was walking to the shops and if I was lucky a bit of cake, but MOH was off on an expedition - his rucksack was kitted out with water (sensible), a map (ok, understandable), wooly hat and a compass (not sure why, but heyho).

I double-checked and I had all the essentials I needed: sunglasses, umbrella, iPhone, silver handbag and emergency chocolate!! I think at this point MOH visibly despaired...

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