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I am SO excited! We are taking on two rescue rabbits in a couple of weeks, called Poppy and Jasmine. Our family used to have two rabbits many years ago, they are so much fun to cuddle and watch - and can be easily trained too. Our rabbits are coming with a large hutch which is situated above an even larger run, so we won't have to buy these items. We still need to prepare for our new friends carefully though!

There is fantastic information on the Pets at Home site but in summary you need the following:- Somewhere to live Somewhere to run about (and tall enough for them to stand on their hind legs without their head touching the top) Rabbit Pellet Food (to avoid selective feeding where your rabbit picks out his favourite bits and leaves the rest!!) Fresh water every day Bowl and water bottle A bottle brush to clean the bottle properly Clean bedding and lots of hay/straw/wood shavings for warmth and absorbency Toys and tunnels A corner "toilet"(Optional but useful!) 

Toilet Training

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