Petit Fours - Cookie and Brownie bites for the #greatbloggersbakeoff

Petit Fours - Cookie and Brownie bites for the #greatbloggersbakeoff

I approached this week's Great Blogger's Bake Off challenge with a little trepidation. The recipe choices this week were trifle (which I'm not keen on), floating islands (also something that I'm not very fond of) and petit fours (I didn't have a clear idea what these were). After a bit of research and Pinterest browsing I decided that petit fours were the way to go. There are lots of different variations, and I decided that I could come up with something that was tasty and small enough to pop in the mouth in one go.

So I made some cookie and brownie bites, smothered in melted chocolate and topped with a Malteser.

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