Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz

F. Your Summer Holiday is usually:

1) An educational tour of a European city 2) Two weeks in Magaluf 3) Your villa in Tuscany, then the Bahamas 4) Holiday? What Holiday? 5) Womad or Camp Bestival 6) Dressing up as a child and entering the International Maths Olympiad 7) A wet week camping in Wales or Cornwall 8) Training for the Great North Run and the Five Peaks Challenge

Mostly 1 – you are Mission Mum Mostly 2 – you are Pyjama Ma Mostly 3 – you are Plummy Mummy Mostly 4 – you are Higher Flyer Mostly 5 – you are Gummy Mummy Mostly 6 – you are Maxi Mum Mostly 7 – you are Serial Mum Mostly 8 – you are Runny Mummy

Do let me know which Mum you are (if any!) and which ones you recognise in the playground.

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