Perhaps secondary school and aspergers just don't mix?

Perhaps secondary school and aspergers just don't mix?

Because we're in trouble again. The move to secondary school went really well at first. Academically he was flying, and he seemed to be coping with everything else too.   But then things started to slide.  He would get annoyed in school by something or someone, but would be unable to explain what was wrong before getting into trouble.  Later in the day when he'd calmed down at home, I would usually get the whole story.

Now he really is struggling.  And what does the school do?

Punish first, and ask questions later.

Or perhaps they don't ask the right questions at the right time. 

And I know I'm a 'soft' parent, but I just don't think that this approach works.  At least not for my son (and it didn't work for me as a child either).  With every punishment he gets angrier and more upset.   His self esteem is now at rock bottom, or so he says.  Now he's even finding it hard to get up for school in the morning.

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