Perfect or Invisible

Perfect or Invisible

Perfect or Invisible Before I start this, totally self pitying, post. I would like to say a few things. This is not a dig at working mums, or stay at home mums. In fact this is not having a go at any mums. You are all amazing in many different ways. This is all about me! Just me, my feelings, my faults, my failings.

I am feeling very invisible at the moment. I used to work, I was a working mum. I did a lot of part time hours, but for a short time I worked full time, 30 miles from home. I was worth something, I was a human being and people would talk to me, care about what I thought, my opinions.

Now, not so much. I am finding more, and more, that I am being taken advantage of. Yesterday was Friday, my day. Fridays I go to school, to do something I love, sewing class. This is how my day played out.


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