Percy the Nursery Bear

Percy the Nursery Bear

I'm afraid that my heart did sink a little when I collected Mia from nursery last week and I discovered the existence of Percy Bear, who came to stay with us for a week along with his book of Adventures. I have heard about these bears from other Mums, along with the warning that they are a bit of an exercise in competitive parenting. This was borne out by the two books that accompanied him, packed with photographs and detailed descriptions of all the fun that he has had while staying with Mia's classmates.

Mia was delighted though, so I went along with it. Luckily we had an outing planned for the weekend anyway - a trip to the cinema - so Percy joined us and came along for pizza and ice cream afterwards. We don't normally let the children take their teddies out with us as I'm terrified of them getting lost, so Mia was very excited to be able to bring Percy along with us. I loved watching her chat away to him and tell him what we were doing.

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