People at parties.

People at parties. Why do some people thinking getting drunk 24/7 is cool?

So, since leaving school many people are throwing parties, I've been to two and have two more coming up. At school I never really hung around with the big friendship group there was but for some reason I still get invited to these parties which I don't mind ;)

First of all I should say the first party was the first time I've actually been drunk. However I have noticed people often change and there is always these types of people at parties who ruin it for me, and everyone else. I am a good drunk, when I realise I'm drunk, I stop drinking alcohol.


1. The people who pretend they're drunk when they've been at the party for 2 minutes this really annoys me!?!?! Why do you want to pretend to be drunk, there is no need its just fake, which is highly likely to represent their personality.

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