Peinirli Peinirli was brought to Greece by the immigrants who lived by the Black Sea almost 100 years ago. It is a boat-shaped bread with a Kaseri cheese filling, though meat is often added (and sometimes an egg cooked on top of the filing). The name derives from the Turkish word peynirli, meaning 'with cheese'. This is my version using pasta flour and yoghurt, which keeps the dough very light. I have suggested some fillings below, but almost anything can be used - let your imagination run wild!

These are incredibly tasty - and they went down a storm even with my picky kids. The recipe makes 6 small individual portions - perfect for lunch or snack. Leftovers reheat really well if baked for 10 minutes in a hot oven.

One word of caution. When these babies come out of the oven do not be tempted to bite into them until they have cooled down for a few minutes. The melted cheese hides a molten lava centre and you might want to avoid 3rd degree burns! I speak from bitter experience.

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