Pear & cardamom muffins / Muffinki z gruszką i kardamonem

Pear & cardamom muffins / Muffinki z gruszką i kardamonem

I had this flavour combination in mind for quite a while now, and couldn't remember what inspired me. Then I was talking to my mum and she mentioned the pear and cardamom purée she had when I was visiting Poland, but we never got to try it that time. Yup, that was the thing! Since I made the apple&cinnamon muffins, I had the pear&cardamom idea stuck in my head.


Peel and the pears and grate using the large mesh. Place the fruit in a jug and add enough milk to get 300 ml liquid. Place the eggs in a separate bowl or jug and beat lightly, then beat in the pear-milk mixture and oil. Open the cardamom pods, extract the seeds and grind them using a mortar....

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