Pear and ginger hand pies with ginger caramel sauce

supergolden bakes Whoever came up with the expression 'easy as pie' clearly had never baked a pie in their lives. Pies may a lot of things - delicious topping the list - but 'easy' is not necessarily one of them.

Not that pie crust is difficult to make in itself - the trouble usually starts once you get to the baking. Pies are finicky creatures and react badly to being underbaked (the dreaded soggy bottom) and then, the next minute, they are burned on top. It takes a fine balance of just the right type of filling, oven temperature and sometimes even type of dish to produce a pie you can be proud of. This recipe for pear and ginger hand pies is available elsewhere on the t'internet but I have tweaked it somewhat. The original combination of pear and ginger is a little bland, IMHO, so I have upped the flavour by including stem ginger and a ginger caramel sauce. The sauce is entirely optional but it really makes an event out of these little pie-lets (tartlets? mini-pies? all of the above?). Make these - the only thing you will regret is not doubling the recipe. continued on the link...

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