Peach Bundt Cake

Peach Bundt Cake

'So the labyrinth's a piece of cake, is it? Well let's see how you deal with this little slice...'

This month's cake club theme was The Land of Make Believe. As a child I was obsessed with the film Labyrinth - yes, I still know most of the script and yes, I am proud of that fact. I was only ever going to make a Poisonous Peach Cake (sans poison) for our meet up. That moment where Hoggle hands Sarah that peach... I'm still like 'nooooo!'

What made this month even more special is that my childhood best pal Jenny joined us. I dread to think how many times we watched Labyrinth, Grease and Dirty Dancing in my bedroom. I even managed to source a replica worm for the top! I also found a legitimate excuse to wear my 'You remind me of the babe' Bowie T-shirt - I looked BAD ASS (or either one of those words singularly). I added a little swirl to the centre of the cake so it looked a bit like a Labyrinth too...

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