Peach, berry and banana healthy smoothie recipe

Peach, berry and banana healthy smoothie recipe

When I was living in Australia my gorgeous house-mate, Bek used to basically live off smoothies she made from her blender. I remember the awful day when the glass blender container rolled off the edge of our coffee table and smashed on the floor. It was a sad day! Long story short, she made some damn good smoothies.

I’ve been experimenting with you Omega Bl330 Blender a lot since my New Years resolution kicked in. They are healthy, super tasty and cheap to whip up! I’ve included a list of recipe of a concoction I made up, I guess you could call it a recipe but to be honest I just went to the supermarket and filled up with whatever I thought would taste good!

1 medium banana 2 ripe medium peach 1/2 cup of forest berries (6-oz.) low-fat peach yogurt 1 cup small ice cubes sprinkling of granola

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