Paying the Price

Paying the Price

I heard a radio discussion the other day about a ski holiday firm, MountainBase, who are offering to pay the school fines for families who book with them for term time getaways. Actually, they are offering to reimburse those families, but it boils down to the same thing.

The radio discussion discussed whether it was right for them to do this. The company said it was. A headteacher said it was immoral. I confess to turning off the radio before I heard much more of the debate, since this particular programme strikes me most often as an audio version of the Daily Fail.

There are a few things to address in that argument. The first is to say that I think the government are being ridiculous in fining people for taking their child on holiday in term time. We don’t live in a police state; they ought not to be able to dictate these things.

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