Pasta with chicken, sage and onion butter

52 Cookbooks #27: Pasta with chicken, sage and onion butter

It's been a funny couple of weeks cooking-wise here as with MOH ill he hasn't really had much appetite. And the food he wants is plainer than we'd usually have as he's finding everything - especially garlic - much stronger than usual.

That left me in a bit of a quandary on which cookbook to use this week, but then I remembered this Gary Rhodes book which I hoped might help me out.

It says on the cover "one simple recipe for every day" and thankfully there were two or three possibles that I thought he'd go for.

I was right and in the end I opted for this pasta recipe as I had some leftover roast chicken that I could use.

While flicking through this book there were quite a few recipes that I probably would cook too, so I must remember to look at this book again when I can be a little more adventurous...

The recipes are more classical, as you'd expect from Gary Rhodes - but no worse for it.

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