Holidays During Term Time

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Holiday's during term time. Here's my opinion.

I don’t blame the holiday companies. The current issue, which is getting my goat, is not about the cost. It’s not about having a holiday abroad, a week in the sun, it’s about finding time together as a family away from home.

To me, this isn’t just about cheap flights, or a week at Disneyland at a more reasonable price. It’s about a few days in Center Parcs, a long weekend at the seaside, seeing relatives who you haven’t seen for ages, a day out because Daddy isn’t allowed any time off during the holiday and mummy works shifts. There should be some provision for parents to make a call as to what is best for a child’s overall well-being. Education isn’t the only consideration, time together as a family is important, and whilst it’s not a human right to have a holiday, what is wrong with a hard working family being able to take a few days away from the distractions of day-to-day life. However, circumstances, constraints mean that it’s not always possible to have this during school holidays.

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