Parmesan and Black Pepper Pretzels

Parmesan and Black Pepper Pretzels Yes, you read correctly - Cakeyboi delves into the world of savoury again! It’s another recipe inspired by something I had on our trip to New York (which seems like a lifetime ago now!). One of the first places we pitched up when we got to Times Square was Starbucks. Not surprisingly really, Disneyboi and I are huge fans of the coffee chain, as you may know.

The food in the US ‘bucks is a lot different to the range of eats available in the UK. Disneyboi went for a Raspberry Swirl coffee cake, whilst I was in a savoury mood and plumped for an asiago and parmesan pretzel. A big dough pretzel with lots of cheese, it was delicious and chewy, very good to go with my grande filter, with cinnamon dolce syrup and soymilk.

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