Paris – the city of love or a fun for the family?

When you think of Paris, what comes immediately to mind? The iconic monuments, the acclaimed art galleries, shopping in les grands magasins such as les Galeries Lafayette or Printemps, sampling the delights of the small cafés or maybe you want to visit the city of love.The city of romance? Although it is not the only city in the world with that title, Paris is the one that springs to mind when you talk about romantic locations. Genuinely interested to know how Paris gained this title, I discovered that there are two main reasons. French is the indisputable language of love and this seems to be the main reason and the second is the general ambiance of the city with the Eiffel Tower being one of the top places to make a marriage proposal in Europe. It might sound a little unoriginal but if you have ever visited Paris and in particular the Eiffel Tower you can see why. Wherever you are in Paris, you will catch a glimpse of it and the best views of the city come from the top of the tower; it is breathtaking.

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