Parenting Guilt

Parenting Guilt Parenting Guilt

I went away last weekend. I went without my children.

Did you gasp, or cheer then? Or did you think 'oh, there's lovely, but I could never do that?'

Leaving the children. It's a dividing debate isn't it? So many people sit in judgement. You have the parents that have never had a night away alone, since having their children. Then you have parents that are out every weekend, without batting an eyelid at leave their children with grandparents.

I actually don't fall into either of those categories, I fall into the 3rd category.........


I know there are a few of you out there that know exactly what I mean. The feeling that you don't have the right to leave them, I mean you gave birth to them, you wanted you want to leave them?! How very dare you! (In your own head)


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