Parental Guilt

Today I sent Bean to school in trousers that are too small for him. For the third day running. So in terms of parental guilt, I’m a real pro at this shit. Not to mention the mummy’s a bit erm, challenged at the whole getting out of bed thing and lasting a day without crying / shaking / not being able to speak or having the urge to disappear entirely. Uh… Yeah. The summer holidays have been tough, I feel as though Bean’s been exposed to me more than he should. And more to the shouty, crying, not being able to do anything or make a Lego plane on demand, me. But anyway, that’s not actually what this post is about, suffice to say, he’s happy at school, I’m completely lost at home and some bigger trousers should arrive tomorrow. Where I was actually going with this was a different sort of parental guilt, not the Oh fuck, I’m such a shit mum because my four-year old can’t pull his own trousers down because they’re so constrictive and WHY, WHY did I not get him to try them on FFS?!

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