Paper plate and Hama bead Easter decorations

Paper plate and Hama bead Easter decorations

This craft was a fantastic joint effort between the children. Mia helped me to paint the paper plates while Harry was at school, and then Harry made the Hama bead Easter eggs. Some of them he finished a little while back when we bought the pegboard, and he also made a couple of new ones just for this craft.

The Easter Eggs are made on the Easter Egg Hama bead pegboard. It's a great pegboard because it is shaped in a way that means you can make eggs of all different sizes. It's also very versatile, with lots of ways that you can place the beads to make different patterns while still keeping the overall shape obvious. I'm planning on making lots in a smaller size that we can use for an Easter Egg hunt around the house and keep from year to year. (I've also been making some tiny Hama bead Easter Eggs with the mini beads, and I have another project in mind for those!)

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