Papas Rellenas and Salsa Criolla

Papas Rellenas and Salsa Criolla

Until last month I would not have been able to tell you exactly what papas rellenas were.    My limited knowledge of Spanish would have helped me to guess at something stuffed, but that is as much as I would have known.  So of course I learnt something new too.  And what about the ceviche?   Well, I don’t have a really good fish mongers nearby so  for the time being I’ve chosen to stick with the papas.

The cumin and paprika in the mince give a really nice flavour and the crispy texture of the breadcrumbs with the soft potato and mince inside is very morish.   The red onion salsa criolla also complements the papas really well as it’s good to have something healthy and fresh tasting alongside the fried papas.

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