Paint charts, Washi and a smile

Paint charts, Washi and a smile

So in this month's Papery Peep post where I look back at my month in paper you'll not be surprised to learn it's been dominated by paint charts, wallpaper samples and carpet catalogues! The latter is a new addition to my handy folder of decorating info as we've decided to go with carpet in our bedroom instead of having sanded floors with a rug.

Partly that decision was based on cost - but when you need 20 m2 carpet still isn't cheap but it seems more cost effective than to spend a small fortune on sanding the floor to then cover the newly-sanded and no doubt gorgeous looking floor with rugs, which we'd also need to buy!

And I don't think you can beat putting your foot out of bed onto carpet, anyway...

So there's been brochures. And brochures. I must say there's some fab looking and funky carpet out there, but we wanted something fairly plain and textured that would complement not compete with our quite loud wallpaper (it's the black, grey and gold wisteria paper in the photo above).

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