Page 3 V SAHM

Page 3 V SAHM

Today Luisa Zissman,a finalist in tonights Apprentice tweeted:

“If page 3 is a bad role model for women is being a stay at home mum? Teaching girls 2 have no ambition and live off a man? Least pg3 earn £££”

It really reminded me of why I am against Page 3. It’s not even so much the women having a “choice” as to whether or not they want to make money this way – it’s about the message they are sending out to young, vulnerable children. It also made me think about the value of the stay at home mum.

In the choices we make as women we act as role models and are influencing girls into what we are showing them they should be doing. Whether that is showing that is acceptable to take your clothes off for photographs on a cheap newspaper, or staying at home looking after your children. It is how we show that these roles are either positively or negatively rewarded that means that they are likely to be taken on by the future generations.

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