Paddy, Paddy, Paddy

  So it seems Boo has learnt to throw a paddy.

He has always been a hot-headed child and we saw it very young with him. He knows what he wants and we know about it if he doesn’t get it. But until last week it was just a lot of noise and nothing more.

Last week Boo decided to up his game.

Baba was home and that obviously meant Boo couldn’t do what he wanted. He had a controller, Baba wanted the controller, Baba asked nicely and that resulted in a massive tantrum from Boo.

He started screaming, he held onto the controller with all his might, he went red with anger and his feet started to stamp. Boy did they stamp, Baba has never been a foot stamper, Boo is certainly making up for that. They were going at a great speed and it looked like he was never going to stop.

When I managed to get the controller off him Boo went into a complete meltdown crying and screaming and attempting to throw anything that was in sight.

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