Pack your bags, it's time to go!

Pack your bags, it's time to go!

Sunglasses – check

Sunhat – check

A large pile of shoes for every possible scenario (you never know you might need wellies in Dubai or flip-flops in Greenland!) – check

Now all I need is money to actually book a holiday... 

Since returning from Barbados a year ago I've been spending hours, daily dreaming of the next holiday, the next adventure that the children and I can take together.  There are so many elements that go into planning the perfect holiday.  As well as finding great holiday deals you have to work out how to keep yourself entertained.  You also want to make sure there is plenty for the children to see and do.   I personally am not the kind of traveler that likes to book a holiday and spend all of it in the hotel, for me that defeats the purpose of travelling to a new country, but each to their own.

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