Owl Babies Activities

Owl Babies Activities

This week we’ve been reading Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Patrick Benson. This wonderful story explores the anxiety and worries experienced by children when Mum goes away. The story ends well when the Owl Babies are eventually reunited with their Owl Mother. With Mother’s Day not far away we decided to create some artwork fit for a Mother’s Day gift. First I painted Burt’s hand in white paint and he splurged it in the centre of some blue paper. As the handprint was drying I cut out circles and hearts for the Handprint Owl’s eyes, beak and claws. Once the paint was dry Burt got stuck in with the glue and added the features of the Handprint Owl. I have a frame waiting for this gorgeous Owl Babies Handprint Owl and then Daddy Damson and Burt can wrap it up all ready for Mother’s Day.

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