Outfit Post - Ditching The Jeans

Outfit Post - Ditching The Jeans

Anyway...that's another post for another time! My style lies in a love of vintage and a love of the romantic gothic look. I've always had one rule when it comes to image - I've never wanted to look like anyone else! From my heady days as a velvet-skirt and Doctor Martens-adorning goth, to my stint as a bottle blonde with a wardrobe heavily influenced by the Harajuku movement; the key to me has always been individuality.

Having a baby will always means thinking more practically about what you wear - dry-clean clothes become the enemy and sky-scraper heels are just a huge no-no (unless you're Victoria Beckham, it would seem). But I never wanted becoming a Mother to completely swallow my identity and, over the last few months, I realised I was beginning to feel a little less 'Mumm-me' and a little more 'Mummy'. Why? Well...I was living in my black skinny jeans!

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