Our weekend with Freddie the Frog

Our weekend with Freddie the Frog

Arriving home tired after a long working week, I had hardly stepped over the threshold of my home when I heard Sophia calling out to me excitedly.

“Mum, I’ve brought a friend home for a sleepover.”

My body froze while my mind started racing. Had I agreed to this? When had I agreed to this?

Sophia ran up to me with a big, green, soft lump in her hands.

“Look Mum,” she said, holding up the soft, green lump - a green frog puppet - with a big grin spread across her face. “I got star of the week so I got to bring Freddie home from school for the weekend!”

The look of relief on my face was obvious. It wasn't a last minute or forgotten about sleepover, it was the school mascot, Freddie the Frog! Here's what we got up to...

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