Our Second Goodbye

Ever since having and loosing Rhianna Lily I have been adamant that no one forgets her name, no one stops talking about her and everyone includes her in our lives. In our family.

In the greater families.

We are a family with Rhianna Lily missing, a family of five not four but five.

But that isn’t really true.

You see we are a family of six.

Not five.

Not four.

But six.

I have never been able to talk about it a lot before, only a handful of people knew, and to admit that we did it again, said goodbye for a second time, was just too much to admit too. Too much pain.

Too much suffering.

And it was something I couldn’t do.

Until now.

You see recently I have been feeling like I am letting them down, not admitting to them, not talking about them, focusing on only loosing Rhianna. But that isn’t true.

I didn’t only loose Rhianna, we didn’t only loose Rhianna we lost two babies.

One was Rhianna, our precious little girl.

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