Our Little Travels - kidGLloves

Our Little Travels - kidGLloves

Greetings and welcome to this week’s Dear Lucas,

Well, I’m back at school after an excellent half term. The Mother took some time off work and I must say she excelled herself with the activities she provided for me. We only had one incident where I had to explain to her that she should be more savvy regarding the fact that if she gets in the way of my NERF bullets, then she’s gonna get hit!

Thursday was my BEST day as we went to London to meet Missy V and Grace and take part in the Nestlefollow Breakfast Survival Guide. We had an awesome day and let’s just say I have found my perfect partner to play Zombies with. Message from the Mother – Lucas should make it VERY clear that he is referring to Grace and NOT Missy V hen he’s talking about playing Zombie……………

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