Our Little Garden

Our Little Garden

We are lucky to have an outdoor space and whilst it isn't ideal for a young family, we are making it our own. It is on three levels and mostly paved or concrete but there is a border that was full of overgrown weeds when we moved in. This summer is the first that both boys will be walking and playing and we are looking forward to spending as much as possible of it outdoors.

With a little a lot of help from my lovely Dad, we cleared all the weeds leaving two trees and lots of soil and the lovely folks over at Plant Me Now offered us something to brighten it up as part of their project to #GetKidsGardening. I sat down with the boys to take a look at their summer bedding collection and allowed Dylan full control of plant ordering. He went for a theme of blue, white and yellow and seemed very insistent that all the flowers should be in these colours!

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Our Thursday photo #7

abc bars (Alpha Bites Chewy Bars)