Our Life in Toys

Our Life in Toys

When we go shopping and she has to stay in the buggy, S will usually happily sit and play with her noisy books. She has two: a chirpy chirpy chick, and this froggy one. To be fair, she doesn't do much reading; just sits and presses the button over and over again.

S has a selection of toys upstairs in the bedroom, for when I'm in the shower or getting dressed. At the moment her favourite is this V Tech Alphabet Apple which my brother and sister in law handed down from my niece and nephew. To be honest, she doesn't learn much about the alphabet or apples from it; she just likes to turn the hands on the clock to hear the voice say "1 o clock... time to feed the..." and list an animal.

S is long past the stage where she needs a baby walker, but she has a V Tech First Steps walker which she still enjoys pushing around the house... Unfortunately the batteries have run out on it... That's a shame, isn't it!

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