Our Large White Magis Puppy Chair

Our Large White Magis Puppy Chair - Family Budgeting

As my regular readers know earlier this year we have a pretty extensive house makeover. A large part of this exercise was decluttering and freeing up a great deal more space. My daughter’s teeny tiny bedroom had to be given a bed on stilts to allow her room to have a desk and a little play area. Freeing up space was key in all areas but for her with her tiny box room it was everything.

Do you recall, this is how it was initially Light bright and white.

She needed somewhere to sit but it need to be light, funky and streamlined. We found the perfect thing i the Magis Puppy Chair.

Annalise is mad keen on puppies so one day last week she came home from school to find a puppy waiting to greet her.

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