Our Kids Don't Like Each Other... and that's just fine

Our Kids Don't Like Each Other... and that's just fine

My friend Emma, and her husband John, are fortunate enough to share their lives with 2 delightful daughters, Katie and Zoe. Zoe, the younger girl, and arguably the cuter, is now about 5 and has Downs Syndrome. Katie, aged 9, does not.  I have children, plural, but for the purpose of this blog I’m just going to talk about one of them. 3 year old Daisy. The first and only time Zoe and Daisy met, Emma and I were having lunch in a chilled-out, child-friendly cafe. Emma & Zoe had visited before, but Daisy and I had not. It turned into one of those elongated, slow lunches when you barely keep up with the children because the conversation is so absorbing. The two girls played with the toybox, the chairs and the doors. They befriended other customers and staff. They alternated between making mischief together, copying and learning from each other, interspersed with bouts of parallel play- to all intents and purposes ignoring the other. They got on fabulously in many ways, but it is fair to say they have characters which compete, just a little bit. Everything was lovely until my daughter Daisy came out with “I don’t like Zoe”. 

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