Our Garden: the digging commences

Our Garden: the digging commences

Two major house projects have begun over the last two weeks; the internal rewiring (lots of dust!) and the external landscaping/drainage works (lots of mud!).

Our house sits at the bottom of a large rock outcrop. This is common in the area of town where we live and the rock itself isn’t an issue (unless you want to dig any of it out!). The rock lends itself to a terraced garden at the back of the house, and at one time it must have been beautiful; with mature plants and flower beds and a series of fieldstone walls. But, as the house and garden have been sadly neglected over recent (many?!) years, the terraces and beds have become overgrown, and in the case of the area directly adjacent to the back corner of the house, allowed to erode and slump towards the house.

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