Our garden: January 2014

Our garden: January 2014

The weather has been awful and the house has been feeling quite dark so I’ve been brightening the house up with flowers. I’ve been buying the occasional bunch of Alstroemerias because I like their scruffiness and they last for ages. The green and red flowers are my favourite but this purple bunch is lovely too. I feel a bit bad buying flowers flown half way around the world and really should pick plants from where I live instead. I’m not sure people living along the lanes wouldn’t appreciate me hacking away at their plants with scissors though. When I have a garden full of flowers, I’ll pick my own.

On a side note, I accidentally dug up one of my daffodil bulbs while planting the primroses and it had shoots about an inch long. So hopefully it won’t be too long before all the bulbs I planted start popping up.

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