Our Garden: in the rain

Our Garden: in the rain I’ve been a bit despondent about the weather this week. Cold I can deal with, but torrential rain? I miss walking to school, I miss playing in the garden.

It’s just miserable; everything is water logged. Everywhere is flooded. Thankfully our new drainage is working, but the amount of rain this week has sump pumps all over town working overtime; pipes discharging gallons of water from overwhelmed basements to street level are a common sight this week. I can’t walk around to the back of our house without sinking, ankle deep, into mud. Our sump pump is still going strong. We’ve identified a need for new drainage at the back of our garage… But, in a brief respite from the (heavy) rain yesterday I took a wander around the less muddy parts of the garden. The water droplets sparkled as the sky lifted to a paler grey, and while I would dearly love the rain to stop, there is something quite beautiful about rain soaked leaves and berries.


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