Our frosty garden... in the sun

Our frosty garden... in the sun

Inspired by many of the posts in lasts week's How Does Your Garden Grow I thought I really should venture out into our garden. I wondered if I too had bulbs, and if my rhubarb was doing anything interesting or if the plants in the greenhouse needed watering (the answer to this always seems to be yes). Our North-facing garden can be pretty chilly especially near the house at this time of year, but following a crisp frost the sun came out so I took that as my cue dug out my camera.

I know frost pictures are beautiful, but I'm a sun-loving girl at heart so with the sun warming things up nicely I shoved open the conservatory doors and headed out into the garden for the first time this year. There was still some of the morning's frost on show and some of the plants, especially the hostas and the Fatsia were drooping a little.

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