Our Florida holiday 2014

Our Florida holiday 2014

We've just returned from a fantastic holiday, two weeks in Orlando followed by a week's cruise in the Caribbean. We've been lucky enough to enjoy holidays in Orlando before but of course they are all different!

This year we were in the US for Halloween, which was quite exciting because it's more of a major holiday over there than here (although it's getting that way!). Disney World was beautifully decorated for the season and we were lucky enough to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party which was brilliant. On Halloween night itself we didn't feel brave enough to go trick or treating around the houses (we've never trick or treated before at home) but we did go to a Halloween event at the Florida Mall which was excellent. Most of the shops were handing out sweets, and the dressed up children just had to flit from store to store filling up their treat bags. We gathered a phenomenal amount of candy!

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