Our first visit to Westminster! Love for Izzy Dix

Our first visit to Westminster! Love for Izzy Dix

On Tuesday, Gabbi Dix and I made our way up to Westminster for the first ‘Love for Izzy Dix’ campaign meeting with the powers that be.

We were there to see Gabbi’s MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, the member for Totnes, to discuss next steps for our anti-bullying campaign.

If you aren’t aware of our campaign, it’s in the memory of Gabbi’s 14 year old daughter, Izzy, who was a very close friend of our family and who took her own life in September after being bullied at school, in the community and online.

We started a petition on Change.org in her name, asking Prime Minister David Cameron to shut down or place restrictions on the social media website, Ask.fm, after it has been linked to the suicides of 15 teenagers in a little over a year after they were allegedly bullied on there. It has recently been in the news after a 14 year old named Nadia from Veneto in Italy took her own life in February.

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