Our festive fun and my plans for 2014

Our festive fun and my plans for 2014

The christmas tree has been hoiked to the bottom of the garden, the pine needles vacuumed, new toys have been tidied into nooks and old toys are ready for the charity shop. We’ve waved family and friends goodbye and stacked the remnants of fun times into glass recycling boxes for collection. The celebrations are over and it’s almost back to work time.

We’ve had a busy christmas holiday. Each year I find myself counting down to the end of term under the impression that I’ll have lots of free time to snooze and catch up with life. It never happens. Mainly because having two small children puts paid to rest during holidays, but also because I always plan lots. I love the idea of rest but I guess I love the reality of being busy even more. This year the busy christmas and new years plans worked surprisingly well, in fact it’s been our best christmas yet! Last year I was left feeling a little underwhelmed and unsure of what the holiday meant to us as a family and I put myself under a lot of pressure to create a picture perfect experience.

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