Our experience and tips for buying a new mattress

Our experience and tips for buying a new mattress Buying a new mattress is a simple thing to add to your House To Do list, but it's not something we do regularly and when we do there's so much to consider. We recently treated ourselves to a new mattress as we worked out our mattress was easily fifteen years old...

It looked ok and while there weren't any obvious bumps, dips or sags with various online advice recommending a mattress should last from seven to ten years we knew it was something we should do. The Housetohome website suggests we spend up to sixteen years of our life in bed - personally for me I think it'll be more! - so a good mattress is a serious investment. Other research by the Sleep Assessment & Advisory Service in Edinburgh has found that people with uncomfortable beds, which can cause muscular aches and back pain, sleep on average one hour less each night.


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