Our August

Our August

August means school holidays for most. But not for my ('poor old', so someone called them) kids! They continued on as usual at nursery while I worked my three days a week.

But I felt guilty, as we're all somehow wont to do, so I tried to make up for it on the two days they're with me.

Lucky for me that Little Lewes is a blog about things to do in and near our town. I was able to openly ask places for free tickets to things in exchange for future posts and they all agreed.

Money's tight at the moment so holidays are off the calendar for a good while yet. But that's OK. The weather has been intensely fantastic and we've had such a good time doing so many nice things near our town.

So here's a visual roundup – with links – of all the places we went and the things we saw in August in and near Lewes, East Sussex.

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