Orion Books Review - Mystery And Adventure

Orion Books Review - Mystery And Adventure

Looking for some adventure books for your kids to read?

Then maybe one of these books (Sam Silver Undercover Pirate, Mariella Mystery or Laura Martin Mystery) that we were sent by Orion Books to review will be of interest.

Sam Silver Undercover Pirate - Kidnapped by Jan Burchett & Sara Vogler ISBN 978-1-44400586-8

If you've got kids that love pirate adventures and history then this could be the book for you. Sam Silver has a secret. He can travel back in time 300 years to a pirate ship in the Caribbean all thanks to a gold coin he found in a bottle.

This is book three in the Sam Silver series but can be read out of sequence. In this adventure Sam Silver finds himself searching for his crew mate Charlie who seems to have disappeared after a huge sea battle with enemy ships.

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