Organic Babies Soothing Baby Oil – Scent Free

Organic Babies Soothing Baby Oil – Scent Free

Here at baby -a we are big fans of natural, organic products and  Green People never fail in producing beautiful products. We have been lucky enough to have had the pleasure in sampling some of their products in the past and the latest product we have been testing is their Organic babies soothing baby oil. We have been using it on Ronnie for a couple of months and we can honestly say that it has been lovely to use. Ronnie has enjoyed a massage with the oil after his bath, resulting in a relaxed baby ready for bed! There is no harsh overpowering smell that some oils may give off -as it is scent free and it glides over the skin, reinforcing the fact that there are no nasties. We especially like the pump action bottle as it dispenses the oil seamlessly without the risk of spillages or mess. The oil is good for babies with sensitive skin and was great for soothing Ronnie’s dry scalp, it really helped prevent cradle cap from developing.

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