Oreo Marshmallows

Oreo Marshmallows

I was recently sent a book to review called Marshmallows Made Marvellous (sub title Home-Made Pillows Of Sugar) and I have to admit to being a little scared. I mean to make marshmallows from scratch eeeeeek especially as it involves using a sugar thermometer!!! Anyway, because the book is full of such yummy sounding recipes, each accompanied by mouth watering photographs I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. Afterall, as the strap line at the bottom of the page says Anyone can make these! I decided to use the Cookies and Cream Marshmallow Recipe and as usual adapt it to my own version. Hence, I made Oreo Marshmallows . I mean what is not to like about those cookies, especially when topped with fluffy and gooey mallow? It was a recipe I really wanted to make and eat for myself! Here is how I made them. I have to say that these turned out much better than I expected and looked amazing! The mashmallow is not like shop bought conbfectionary mallow, it is much softer and melt in the mouth.

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